Gaming Mouse Guide

What to Consider when Choosing a Gaming Mouse


One useful metric to compare mice with is DPI or Dots Per Inch, a value used to measure the sensitivity of a mouse. DPI measures the number of sensors in each mouse, sensors which detect any movements when a mouse is being used. The higher the DPI value, the more sensitive a mouse will be due to the increased number of sensors. Yet a higher DPI does not correspond to a better mouse, but only one which is more sensitive to movement. Most modern mice have a range of DPI values, allowing for a fine-tuning of the mouse’s sensitivity depending on the user’s needs. 

Wired/Wireless Mice: Pros and Cons

Another consideration when buying a gaming mouse is whether to choose one with a wired connection or a wireless connection. Wired mice have the advantage of never needing to be charged and not suffering from any input latency due to having a direct connection to the PC. The disadvantage most cited for wired mice is the cable can often become tangled and prevent a full range of motion. It also serves as another possible point of wear and tear for the mouse. Thankfully, most quality wired mice have addressed these problems by incorporating longer, braided cables made from lightweight and durable materials.

In contrast, wireless mice are connected through USB adaptors or bluetooth connections, allowing for a cord-free experience. The downside to this flexibility is the need to continually charge a wireless mouse or replace its batteries. 

Extra Buttons: 

Modern gaming mice often come with additional buttons in a variety of places on the mouse. Often on the sides or around the scroll wheel, these additional buttons can offer quick shortcuts and often be assigned to specific hotkeys in-game. Whether this extra customizability will be useful to you will depend on what games you play and your personal preferences regarding the ergonomics and utility of your mouse. 

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