Japanese Company B’full Devises a New Way to Snack and Game

Applicable with any controller, mouse or gaming device.

Japan-based company B’full is changing the way you snack while you game as they debut a Gaming Chopsticks Holder to satisfy your cravings. Gaming and snacking typically go hand in hand, but due to grease and crumbs, you wouldn’t want to mess up your controller or constantly have to press pause.

B’full’s Gaming Chopsticks Holder allows a player to hold a controller, mouse or any gaming device while you hold a pair of chopsticks that are angled in reverse. Essentially you won’t be holding chopsticks as you normally would, rather you will be able to grab food by pressing your index and middle fingers together. The holder also serves as a chopstick stand which prevents the tips of your utensils from touching any surface.

Most types of chopsticks will be able to fit in the holder, except for thin round ones that might not provide a snug fit.

Head over to B’full’s official website or Amazon to learn more or acquire a Gaming Chopsticks Holder for ¥1,210 JPY (Approximately $11 USD).

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